8 дек. 2012 г.

5th Hepatology and Gastroenterology Postgraduate Course

The 5th PG Course is over. There were a lot of interesting sessions and discussions: the first day was dedicated to upper GI disorders and to the obesity aspects, the second day - EUS, colonoscopy quality indicators, hepatocellular carcinoma treatment and a last part of the day - aspects of virus hepatitises treatment. I was particularly interested in lectures on non-variceal bleeding and variceal bleeding as well. The organization of the Course was on very high level, and I would like to say big thanks to Professor Ibrahim Mostafa for his great and hard work.
And I've noted there is very peasful in the streets of Cairo.

Professor Marc Giovanini and young doctors on festive dinner

The pannel of experts

The Conference-hall

A local cat with a local fleas

 The peasful life
A view from the window

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