31 янв. 2011 г.

Endoscopy Training at Kanazawa Medical University

I'm studying abroad for the first time in my life. Fantastically, it is taking place at Kanazawa Medical University, Kanazawa, Japan. The training course is aimed at advanced therapeutic technologies in GI endoscopy. The training course is to last for 2 months. 
It is an open secret that modern GI endoscopy, especially diagnostics and treatment of an early GI cancer, originate from Japan. A "Japanese style" endoscopy implies precise diagnostics of minor and minute mucosal changes. 

Professor Tohru Itoh, the Head of the Endoscopy Department at Kanazawa University Hospital, Kanazawa, Japan is the tutor of my training course. The course started on January 5, 2011. 
And by the way, on January 9, 2011, I turned 30. It was a very significant event in my life.
Every day, except Sunday, I'm at my desk from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Of course I have lunch-time, but sometimes I don't have time for lunch breaks, especially on Tuesday and Thursday (these are the busiest days). 
My duty is to observe all endoscopic examinations and operations as well as read scientific literature and do sketches. I find the "Japanese style" endoscopy exemplary because it's congenial to me in it's essence and in everyday clinical practice we (I mean all the doctors of the Endoscopy dept at Yaroslavl Cancer Hospital) follow the same principles. 
I do believe that such courses are a very good opportunity for acquiring new knowledge and expertise for ESD professionals.

Kanazawa University Hospital 

Dr. Gvozdev Alexey

A View of the Chinese garden-house from the Window

From right to left: Professor Tohru Itoh (Head of the Endoscopy Department), Professor Koichi Yamashita (Chairman, Board of Directors, Kanazawa Medical University), Dr. Gvozdev Alexey.