14 февр. 2011 г.

Training at KMU: Endoscopy Department

There is a state-of-the-art Endoscopy Department at Kanazawa Medical University Hospital. It is headed by Professor Tohru Itoh, MD, PhD.

There are 6 endoscopy (examination) rooms, an X-Ray operation room, a bronchoscopy room, a therapeutic endoscopy room. The endoscopy rooms are equipped with Olympus® EVIS LUCERA video systems, and 3 rooms (including therapeutic endoscopy room) are also equipped with electrosurgical Erbe® appliances.

A reception area, a comfortable waiting area with a TV set, a cosy recovery area, a treatment (preparation) room with a TV set for patients, a separate wardrobe both for men and women, a treatment room (containing all drugs and medicines), a record room for doctors with PCs, a decontaminating area are available on the premises of the Department. All rooms and areas are equipped with a central air-conditioning system. 

The main directions of scientific work are diagnostics and treatment of early GI cancer as well as GI cancer screening. The department serves as a base for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of the Kanazawa Medical University and not only. 

The staff of the Endoscopy Department consists of 5 dedicated endoscopists, 8 nurses, 2 receptionists and a Secretary. It is the responsibilities of gastroenterologists and surgeonst to examine patients as well. About 30-40 gastroscopies and sigmoidoscopies and 4-5 colonoscopies are performed per day on average. All endoscopic investigations are conducted with intravenous sedation.  

The plan of the Endoscopy department with some admissions 
Dr. Gvozdev, Professor Tohru Itoh, Dr. Kitakata, Dr. Kawaura, Dr. Hamada 

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